WIAW: Healthy with a Side of Coffee

Do you remember that song ‘Ayo Technology’ by Justin Timberlake circa 2007? That randomly popped into my head as I’m about to write my intro and I thought, ‘Ayoooooo, I’m tired of it only being Wednesday’ fit nicely with the beat. 

How’s THAT for an intro? So lame, I know. Ok but what I’m not tired of is sharing my food with you all. Thanks Jenn for hosting today’s What I Ate Wednesday!

Friday night Miguel and I were both craving Noodlehead. We were both thiiiiiiis close to ordering something new, but we both decided on our usual and were, not surprisingly, very satisfied. 


Saturday morning I met up with my friend Zoe and we dined at Square Cafe. She had never been and I told her she haaaaad to try it. I opted for the egg white omlette with chicken sausage and asparagus with a side of fruit. 


Oh, and coffee. Always coffee. 

Saturday evening I made dinna dinna: meat+grain+veggie, but more importantly, fresh green beans from my dad’s garden that he gave to me last weekend. They were just as good as you’d imagine. 



This is my new favorite yogurt. I found it at Whole Foods and then went to Giant Eagle the next day to pick up a few things and they don’t carry this brand (or not that I could find). Sad days. I will have to scope out Target to see if they carry it!

Sunday morning I made myself an iced mocha:


Guys, I never knew my calling in life was to be a barista, but apparently it is. I’m kidding, I can thank Starbucks for my skillz. Have you guys tried their new cold brewed iced coffee?! Five dolla dolla bills for the entire container, and I got 5 cups of coffee out of that! Iced coffee+chocolate syrup+almond milk=perfection. 

Laaaastly, Sunday night Miguel and I ordered pizza because I didn’t feel like making dinner. I feel like pizza is the perfect dinner when laziness kicks in. We opted for Mercurio’s because we both enjoy it so much. 


‘Twas wonderful. Speaking of wonderful, I hope you all have a wonderful day! Cheeeeeeesy 😀

Q: Do you tend to order the same thing from your favorite restaurant, or do you try something new? 

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