Ebook: Food Photography for Bloggers on a Budget

It’s here it’s here it’s finally here! I’m so excited to share the project I’ve been working on since November! 

Book Cover A book filled with
tips and tricks on
how to succeed in the world of
food photography on a budget. 

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The truth is—and I know you’ve heard this a million times—people eat with their eyes. Food photos are what draw people to your blog and make them want more. Without high quality drool-worthy photos, it can be a bit tough to lure people in when your main topic is food. 

That said, when I first starting learning more about food photography, I was a bit intimidated. I recall making a “needs” list that totaled close to $3,000. A quick reality check proved that I had to make do with what I had, and that’s exactly what I’ve done.

All of the photos you see on my blog and in this eBook were taken with a Canon Rebel T3i, aka a “basic” DSLR camera. But guess what? My photos have improved tremendously and I’ve learned that you CAN take beautiful, dreamy, mouth-watering photos without a fancy camera. 

Just as proof, here is improvement I’ve made using the EXACT SAME CAMERA:

Kale then then now copy

I wanted to put together a book filled with all of the tips and tricks I’ve learned so far, with an emphasis on food styling and editing since owning a DSLR camera alone won’t make your photos stand out. Through trial and error, I’ve learned how to make my photos stand out all while staying within my budget. Food photography is an expensive hobby, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. This book will teach you how to survive in this crazy food blog world on a limited budget. The Food Photography and Styling for Bloggers on a Budget eBook is only $17 but for ONE WEEK ONLY, meaning come Monday, February 8, the price will go up, so be sure to snag your copy today!

  • Photography basics: shutter speed, aperture, ISO
  • The importance of light
  • Affordable props and how to utilize them
  • How to style specific ingredients
  • How to style an entire photo shoot from start to finish
  • How to make your photos POP and stand out
  • My editing process and the must-do’s to every photo
  • Examples of my photography set up+what the finished photos look like
  • BONUS: a budgeting spreadsheet to help you determine needs vs. wants in regards to cost

Sample page 3

Sample page 2

Sample page 1

  • Beginner to intermediate bloggers who want to improve their photography, styling & editing skills
  • Photographers on a limited budget

Who this book is NOT for:

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As always, THANK YOU for your continued support. I truly means the world to me. 

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